Update 05.19.15

Thus concludes chapter 3! Thank you so much for following along with the story. It's a labor of love and I can't wait to start jumping into chapter 4. I'll be taking a few weeks break so that I can finalize chapter 4's thumbnails as well as attend a few conventions. One of which is happening this weekend in San Jose. FANIME! I will be at table 1023 all weekend long so come by and say hello.

I am also excited to announce that I have quit my day job and I am now a full time artist! Which means I'll be able to spend even more time updating Above the Clouds and creating artwork. It sounds sappy to type but it's true...I couldn't have gone this far without everyones support. I am so thankful for the people who watch and are excited about the work I do. Thanky you! I hope I can give more back in the future and work harder at delivering updates -cheers-

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